Ethical Book Search

Find a book from a responsible book seller for delivery in Australia

Which booksellers do we search?

We search Better World Books, ebooks and World of Books for the book you want.

This service is in 'beta' which means it is an early version of the service. We are looking for more booksellers to add to this search to make sure that you can find the books that you want. We welcome your suggestions for responsible booksellers who sell online that you would like us to add to the search.

These booksellers are not perfect but they have much better records than many of their competitors. They have all scored well in Ethical Consumer's Product Guide which surveys the social and environmental records of these companies or they are B-Corporations which are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Better World Books is a certified B-Corporation based in the US and sells both new and second hand books. It is a for-profit social enterprise and is committed to supporting literacy. Every time you purchase a book from Better World Books they donate a book to someone in need and they also give grants to non-profits and libraries for literacy projects. They scored very highly in Ethical Consumer's guide to book sellers

ebooks is an independent ebook retailer that was rated very highly in the Ethical Consumer's guide to book sellers.

World of Books is based in Sussex and sells second-hand books. They have a particular focus on sustainability and the circular economy. It is a certified B-Corporation, which commits the company to these goals. It scored very highly in Ethical Consumer's guide to book sellers.

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