Ethical Book Search

Helping you buy books from responsible book sellers around the world

What is Ethical Book Search?

You would prefer not to spend your money on a company that avoids paying taxes, or treats the people who work for them badly, or is damaging the environment.

We make this as easy as possible for you by recommending book sellers who are much more responsible than some of their less reputable competitors and enabling you to search them all with one click.

Which booksellers do we search?

In the US we search Asbury Book Cooperative, Awesome Books, Better World Books, Biblio, City Of Asylum Books, ebooks, Raven Book Store and World of Books for the book you want.

These booksellers are not perfect but they have much better records than many of their competitors. They:

Asbury Book Cooperative

Asbury Book Cooperative is an independent, community-run bookstore that serves as a literary hub and community space in the vibrant and diverse shore town of Asbury Park, NJ

Awesome Books is based in the UK and is committed to supporting literacy and sustainability.

Better World Books is a certified B-Corporation based in the US and sells both new and second hand books. It is a for-profit social enterprise and is committed to supporting literacy. Every time you purchase a book from Better World Books they donate a book to someone in need and they also give grants to non-profits and libraries for literacy projects.

a market place for local bookshops to sell world-wide.

City Of Asylum Books

City of Asylum Books is an independent bookstore in Pittsburgh that delivers nationwide. It is a project of City of Asylum Pittsburgh, a nonprofit committed to promoting freedom of expression

ebooks is an independent ebook retailer that sells worldwide

Raven Book Store is an independent bookstore in Lawrence, Kansas, that delivers nationwide.

World of Books is based in Sussex and sells second-hand books. They have a particular focus on sustainability and the circular economy.

We are looking for more booksellers to add to this search to make sure that you can find the books that you want. We welcome your suggestions for responsible booksellers who sell online that you would like us to add to the search.

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